Decide what you want in your life – not what you don’t want

This is Step One in “Saving Time – Doing Less & Launching More” eCourse Series.

file0001884795802The best changes in life – and the easiest – come from a place of positivity and joy.

Think about this:  It’s so much easier to watch TV than do the dishes.  It’s so much easier to chat to friends on Facebook than finish that financial report you need for your taxes.  It’s also so much easier to dash off to a fun Zumba class than weed the garden on a hot summer day.

I’m not saying “only do fun things in life” – though that would be great, that is horribly unrealistic – but I do want you to do your best to incorporate that mindset into everything you that do.

First, grab a notebook and a pen.

Then, evaluate your daily routine.  Are there tasks that leave you feeling like you just swallowed a huge bowling ball?  Or are there activities that make the hours fly by like seconds, because you love doing them so much.  (Now, here’s a quick tip in itself:  Anything that’s a “task” usually feels less enjoyable than an “activity”.)

Next, make a list of all the tasks, activities and relationships that bring you real joy, satisfaction and a feeling of achievement.  Then, sort the list from most enjoyable to least enjoyable. Now, start delegating or dropping tasks you don’t enjoy.

If you can’t drop or delegate anything immediately, look for (1) alternate ways to do it that are easier or (2) ways to split the task with someone else.  And make a specific, concrete plan to gradually wean those tasks from your life and business.

Put what you want more of in your life and business first – and the unpleasant stuff will often magically take itself away. Then, you will see how much more time you’ll have for creating awesome launches and having more fun in your life.

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  1. says

    Hi Alba. Spot on with the difference between a task and and activity! Quite often, when I know I need to get lots of things done, I experience moments when I want to procrastinate or just do things that feel equally important but in reality are not. It helps to build in break time into the schedule with fun activities or just do things that cut one some slack. It is another thing that we learn the hard way with a couple of days when we wonder what we actually did during the day that was productive. Looking forward to reading more!
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted…Case Study: Do You Know Your Stress Triggers?My Profile

    • says

      Yeah, this step took me a while to figure out for myself. But once I started writing things down it was actually very easy for me. I actually ended up getting rid of things I didn’t like to do.

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