Decide Which Tasks Directly Make You Money

This is Step Three in “Saving Time – Doing Less & Launching More” eCourse Series.

This has got be one of those basic business essentials which we work-at-home entrepreneurs don’t pay much attention to. And it cost dearly! (I include myself here because I occasionally do this myself.) Not because we are negligent or sloppy, but because we are usually overwhelmed with all the things we need to do to run our online business. We have learned (and adapted) to doing everything ourselves.  If that describes you, let’s focus on this right now!

We know that not everything we do for our business results in cash in our bank.  Some tasks could be done by other people. Others can only be done by YOU.

For example, say you are a self-esteem coach. And on Monday morning you have the choice of setting up your new coaching program, following up with a couple of hot leads, or doing a Q&A session to wrap up your launch. Which one would you pick? Trick question right? They all will make you money.

Whenever possible, the task that directly makes you money – and that someone else can’t do:  Or do the unique way you do. In this case, it would be the Q&A call.

In real life, there will be times when you really need to follow up with those hot leads over doing a Q&A call or creating your new program.  So you will need to evaluate and set priorities.

And yes – as the coach and business owner, you’re perfectly capable of setting up your new coaching program… but that task is not directly billable.  It will ultimately make money… but only indirectly.  If you have contracted to pay your VA X dollars per month for a package deal of X hours and she is perfectly capable of setting up your coaching program, this is the sort of task to re-assign to her (even though, as the business owner, you might like to get techy and set it up yourself).

With this task delegated, you can are now free to concentrate on and conduct your Q&A Call to close your launch without stress.

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    I find this to be such a difficult struggle with clients(I can’t exclude myself, I am included!). They want to have their hands in it all but just get to a point where they can’t. I also find that I have reluctance at times to delegate some of my tasks off to my team that clients bring in because I “like” to do those types of things. At the end of the day I remind myself that it is the best use of my time and much more beneficial for me to delegate it so I can work on other streams within my business. Thanks for the post!

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