The True Meaning Of Launching

The true Meaning of Launching

Now stick with me for a second because I am about to put this whole launching thing into perspective – mines at least.

“Launching” in the terms of traditional online marketing SUCKS! It has sucked for me, for my clients and for a lot of my friends in my online social circles. And here’s why, it has no life or meaning behind it. It’s sterile and methodical. It can be hardcore and intense. Scary even. And extremely overwhelming. That’s why every time we start to launch something we end up procrastinating, giving up, delaying, perfecting it, and eventually end up putting it pack on the virtual shelf. Yeah, I have been there a time or two and let me tell you from experience, launching can suck – until I realized what launching meant for me.

Launching is much more than a massive to-do list with a deadline and a big pay day.

And once you realize that, your fear of launching will start to fade away. So what does launching mean? It means that you are playing a bigger game, stepping out and stepping up. It means you are doing whatever you are doing because there is a reason bigger than you that needs life breathed into it. You are launching because the financial rewards you’ll receive as a result of it will finance your BIG WHY.

When there isn’t a heartfelt purpose, a reason for being, or a big why, you tend to not push as hard or prepare as well as compared to when you really need to make something happen. Meaning that if you procrastinated today, or made excuses, or slept in, or watched tv than your launch is not as important to you in the first place. Because all those other things were. Because you did those things and not launched.

And here’s another point, launching isn’t just about selling a program or service either.   It’s actually more about launching you as a person. Being seen and known for what you truly are. It’s about exposing yourself and letting others in.

So when you don’t launch its truthfully because of these two reasons:

  • The lack of reason (your big why) -  this is usually the main reason.
  • And the fear of stepping up and playing a bigger game – this holds you back and keeps you from fulfilling your purpose.

Because when these to reasons are dealt with, you will do whatever it takes to launch and make it happen. Then they are not,  it’s easy to spend the day on Facebook or watching videos on Youtube instead of working. You think:

“Damn! The day is gone and I didn’t do any work. Oh, well I’ll get to it tomorrow.”

Well guess what? Tomorrow may be too late! And in the case you did semi-launch, own it and take it to the next level. Don’t throw the rock in the placid lake and then hide in the bushes. Your new fans want to know the real you so don’t be afraid of being discovered for what you really are. Own it and move forward.

 Your reason for launching should be greater than your fear of playing a bigger game.

When your reason is extremely important to you, you endure the pain. And as a result you are richly compensated for it.  But don’t think of your launch in terms of simply getting paid. Think of it as what that money will help you to achieve.

For example, I have many big why’s that fuel me every time I launch. When I launch the money I receive will go to:

  • keeping my sons in private school (because I HATE the public school system in Puerto Rico)
  • paying down my college student loans
  • saving up money to move back to the U.S.
  • updating my current home and paying monthly bills
  • building up my nest egg – because I don’t want to work forever

And of course I have more reasons and they do change from time to time, but what is important is that these reasons become the fuel that drive you to launch. ‘Cause guess, what? You can pray all you want and that $10,000 check isn’t coming in the mail! You have to make it happen.

So next time you are thinking of giving up on launching, remember your big why and what would happen if you didn’t make it happen.

Launch Like You Mean It!



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    I love this, Alba!! Launching is stressful for me and I’ve never pulled off a successful launch, actually. I bring in clients quietly, behind the scenes… never in big groups. It makes it hard to start a group program. I would love to learn how to launch where it feels honest and easy but still generates enough buzz to reach a large audience and actually fill my programs.

    • says

      Thanks Laura! I like to do what I call a seeding launch. It’s where you drip your information in bit sizes leading up to a launch. It makes it much more easy and less stressful. But truly the buzz generator is in the relationships. A great tribe and really move a launch compared to what we can do alone.

  2. says

    LOVE the line about launching you as a person. I think people put too much thought into the how’s/what if’s and forget, it’s really YOU they are after =)

    Lovely blog! Found your through Shenee’s group. xo

    • says

      YES! They get caught up in trying to have the next “6-figure launch” that they completely get disconnected from what really matters. People connect with people not with launches. The launch is just the vehicle to get your message to those that need you most. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. says

    Ah. launching hits such a warm fuzzy spot for me right now! I just did my first mini workshop launch this weekend, and HOLY amounts of work. I’m so happy I ended up rolling out a smaller “thing” than a bigger program I originally brainstormed over, I learned so much just from the experience. But, honestly it just felt SO GOOD to get my work out there, and to build a stepping stone for people to work 1:1 with me. I’m addicted to launches already…love eating up all the info you put out Alba!

    • says

      Thanks and CONGRATS on your recent launch! Launcing can get quite addictive especially when you find your sweet spot. But from what I’ve learned, regardless of how big or small the program, there is always a sh–load of stuff to do, and usually last minute too! I hope you were able to reach your goals with the launch and signed up a bunch of new peeps! ;)

    • says

      I couldn’t agree more Ana! Stepping into who you are can actually scares people half to death. So much so that they never do anything too big or too different so others won’t notice them. Give more of what’s in your soul and your tribe will follow.
      Alba Figueroa recently posted…The True Meaning Of LaunchingMy Profile

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    I’m glad to come across your link among the many in the List-A-Palooza feed. This is great, honest, relatable stuff. You said, “Launching is much more than a massive to-do list with a deadline and a big pay day.” It often feels like a massive to-do list with a deadline and no promise at all of a payday of any sort (at least in the very beginning for a service like mine). However, even without the guarantee of a payday, I’m doing it anyway. It’s still exciting. It’s great to create something from scratch that’s wholly “New and You.” Thanks for the motivational pick-me-up this morning :)

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